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TCBY, United States
TCBY franchise opportunity.

Frozen yogurt with the most live cultures:
TCBY®, the leader in frozen yogurt market innovations for over 25 years, has always provided consistently delicious treats to millions of loyal customers. We've become a customer favorite by continuing to expand the product line, and providing healthier snack alternatives and a great value.

As the world population turns increasingly towards healthier lifestyles, there's more focus on choosing the right snacks. TCBY offers a full spectrum of tasty yogurt snacks and treats - and many of them can fit in perfectly with a balanced, healthy eating plan. The refreshing, light treats and delicious, innovative flavors make TCBY the perfect snack. That's why TCBY customers love our product, and keep coming back for more.

With this renewed interest in yogurt products and healthier snack options, TCBY is a franchise that makes sense for today's savvy market. And our new, contemporary store redesign will help reinforce the appeal of the TCBY brand to a new generation of frozen yogurt lovers.

With TCBY®, you get the tools you need in order to offer your customers a premium product and a great experience-all of which drive your profitability. Franchisees have access to the Franchise Support Center and Mrs. Fields Famous Brands University, providing central points of corporate contact to help guide you to success. From day one, a franchisee with TCBY can expect to receive experienced and in-depth training as well as assistance with development, operations, construction, and marketing.

Training - 9 days course at the Famous Brands Training University in Salt Lake City, Utah

Support - Opening support for up to the first 3 stores in the market, whether these are directly owned by the master franchisee or these are sub-franchise stores; we conduct regular visits into the market to help maintain high standards in operations, and to help the master franchisee evaluate and develop the business; we provide FREE marketing materials used in the US system in soft copies for local application; assist in the evaluation of every location;

Operational Countries:

Aruba (1),
Bahamas (1),
Bahrain (1),
Canada (87),
Cayman Island (2),
China (35),
Costa Rica (17),
El Salvador (1),
Greece (1),
Guatemala (1),
Honduras (3),
Panama (6),
Qatar (6),
Trinidad & Tobago (10),
Business Opportunities in:

Middle East,

Investor Profile:

-A strong commitment to the brand
-The ability to operate stores at a high standard
-Expertise and contacts in real estate throughout the territory which will ensure that a maximum of good store locations can be secured
-The ability to develop a management infrastructure to support and oversee a large number of stores
-Excellent knowledge of the territory's markets to ensure the brand is presented in the most appealing manner to potential customers.
-The necessary financial resources to develop the territory


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