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Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse, United States
Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse franchise opportunity.
Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse

High-end steak and seafood restaurants.:
Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse was started in 1988 by Rick Hauck and Joe Saccone in Cleveland Ohio. Since that time their Company has grown to 15 high-end steak & seafood restaurants. The concept they have developed is a "Classic American Steakhouse", with a full menu of high quality, aged cuts of beef, veal, chicken and shell fish & fresh fish. The Hyde Park Prime Steakhouses are Zagat rated and have won numerous local, regional and national awards over the years.

The Classic American Steakhouse is an exceptional concept, which was born in New York and Chicago in the 1940's and 1950's, then expanded into major US chains throughout the 80's and 90's.

Today, this concept stands poised for massive expansion in Europe, the Middle East and all over the world, in non-developing countries. The Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse is primarily patronized by businessmen for meetings, for corporate entertaining, leisure travel and holiday guests, and for "special occasions" or celebrations and family events. The Hyde Park menu is expensive and as such, tends to cater to those on corporate expense accounts and guests who have the financial means to enjoy high end dining.

The concept is positioned to work well on its own, in free-standing venues, but is also very suitable in hotels as the "featured" dining place, or at high profile shopping centers. The Hyde Park Group currently has several steakhouses located in hotels and has part ownership in one of the hotels. Both owners were trained and educated in the hotel industry; we believe this is important in understanding the sensitivities that are necessary when operating within a hotel and how to provide the expected high level of service to the hotel guest.

The Hyde Park Steakhouse concept also provides a great restaurant destination for the general public who require a higher-end dining experience, no matter where the restaurant is located.

The Hyde Park Restaurant Group offers a very intense training course for managers and chef/culinary managers, which includes classroom instruction, one-on-one sessions with our trainers, and operating manual training with daily and weekly testing. The Training Store is conveniently located in the Beachwood suburb of Cleveland and is connected to our own hotel, providing on-premise accommodations for the managers in training and practical experience each evening in one of our Steakhouses, alongside our people.

Hyde Park Provides a complete "How TO" package on the operation of the classic American steakhouse, including:
the intensive on-site training program for management at our training facility in Cleveland, our operating manual, accounting and IT manuals, point-of-sale systems and programming, human resources and hourly staff training programs, service manuals, employee handbook, menus and recipes with product purchasing specifications, reservation and maitre'd system, sales manual and private catering program, including all necessary forms to properly execute the programs and systems.

Under the direction of veteran Corporate Trainer Walter Moreland and Corporate Chef Michael Lamarca, the entire training corps at Hyde Park's Corporate Office, will train and develop the management and chefs into professional Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse operators. The training facility operates 6 days per week for management training programs; our Corporate Staff are available for assistance, guidance and support almost 24/7. During training which lasts from 4 weeks to 7 weeks (depending on the position), the Managers in Training will also have the opportunity to work alongside seasoned Hyde Park Managers, chefs and service staff, gaining invaluable " SHOW & tell" practical experience in the operation of a Hyde Park Steakhouse.

Franchise owners are encouraged to attend Hyde Park's training programs, but it is not required.

Directors of Operations, General Managers, Assistant Managers, Executive Chefs, Sous Chefs/Kitchen Managers and Service Trainer should attend the training.

While Hyde Park Steakhouse operations are not simple, and will require professionally trained managers, this particular restaurant concept, enjoys the benefit of a consistent "menu offering" and an operating format which enables the operator to expand the concept without the threat of being "Chef Dependent".

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse is an exceptional growth vehicle for markets where the demographics will support fine dining.

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse
An uncompromising level of service since 1988

Operational Countries:

United States (15),
Business Opportunities in:

Saudi Arabia,

Investor Profile:

Middle Eastern countries and other regions where the demographics and economic base will support luxury-level expenditures.
The Franchisee for this type of venture must be well-connected and have some knowledge of the real estate (development) business, such as hotels and shopping centers.
Ideally, the Franchisee has access to construction services and importing services.
Industry experience is very helpful but will be less important than the Franchisee's means to finance growth and the Franchisee's ability to assemble a team of professional operators to manage the day-to-day affairs of the business.


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