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Crazy Dough's Pizza, United States
Crazy Dough's Pizza franchise opportunity.
Crazy Dough's Pizza

Next generation Pizza Fast Casual Concept:
Crazy Dough's Pizza is the next generation of Pizza Fast Casual Concepts and is proud to be America's only place to serve you THREE International Award-winning pizza styles: classic Brick Oven, traditional Sicilian and our Signature Fire-Grilled Pizza which is stretched thin, brushed with special olive oil & delicately grilled over hot lava rocks, creating a crisp smoky flavor like no other.

The Crazy Dough's Team is constantly pushing the envelope of product quality and development to provide our franchisees with stand alone menu innovation and unsurpassed brand image. Crazy Dough's defines a new pizza category "Innovative Gourmet" with its first to market products such as the one-of-kind "Go" Slice (which is a slice rolled up like a burrito and then fire grilled, wrapped in foil & eaten on the Go), or the Fresh-Baked Dough Bowl for salads & pasta and finally the signature Fire-Grilled Pizza which flavor is unmatched in the marketplace.

Along with award-winning pizza Crazy Dough's also offers an array of freshly tossed organic salads, freshly baked sandwiches, pasta and roasted wings.

Adhering to our philosophy of quality ingredients and innovation we are proud to be the only company globally to win America's #1 Pizza twice at the International Pizza Expo for two different pizza styles. Our mission is to combine simple streamlined operations with cutting edge products and multifaceted marketing - resulting in a strong brand image and clear market advantage.

Training & Support:

Crazy Dough's offers a comprehensive training program for all new franchisees that encompasses all aspects of restaurant operations, general bookkeeping, marketing and advertising with regards to the operation of a Crazy Dough's restaurant. The initial 21 day training course (14 days of in-restaurant and classroom and a 7 day certification course) covers such topics as hands on position training, executing daily strategies, catering & delivery management and local store marketing. This training takes place in one of the company owned Crazy Dough's restaurants in the Boston metro area and the corporate office.

In support of each new store opening, Crazy Dough's provides additional training and support for new and existing franchisees through the training of their team members. Each opening is staffed with members of Crazy Dough's corporate Field Operations, Local Store Marketing and Training departments. These trainers act as position coaches for the new team members and offer assistance with the fast pace of a new store opening.

Crazy Dough's corporate operations and training maintains a presence for at least 14 days during a new store opening. This level of commitment consists of a minimum of 360 man hours of hands on corporate support and training to help ensure the success of each new Crazy Dough's restaurant.

Operational Countries:

United States (5),
Business Opportunities in:

Middle East,

Investor Profile:

Ideal international candidate would have extensive knowledge of their region, experience in restaurant management or business ownership. Candidate will have the ability to put a restaurant management program in place to operate and train all corporate and subfranchised locations. Must have an understanding of customer service and marketing. Candidate should be able to have at least one million US dollars available for master development fee, first corporate unit, and business infrastructure.


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