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Candy Cakes, United Kingdom
Candy Cakes franchise opportunity.
Candy Cakes

Cupcakes, cakes, coffee and shakes:
Candy Cakes is a café / cake shop that specialises in the retailing of cupcakes, cakes, coffee and shakes.

Established in 2004, Candy Cakes is the brainchild of Michael Thomas with the express intention of bringing innovation to the cake world. Over 4 years of research and development has been conducted with internationally renowned cake designers to create the characteristic Candy Cake range.

First launching from dedicated premises in Monmouth Street in 2007, Candy Cakes is now counting 7 shops in the central and greater London area, including a franchise store in Kingston Upon Thames.

Much has been learnt since startup including:

  • The Customer Offer - requirements and expectations
  • Shop Design - the distinctive look and welcome in
  • Food & Beverage - local and continental variations
  • Marketing - marketplace and initiatives

This valuable know-how is what is being made available to Franchisees.

The Franchisor shall train the Individual and where requested by the Franchisee, one other person nominated by the Franchisee in the operation of the System. The initial period of training will comprise training at a venue of the Franchisor's choice (which may include another Candy Cakes Shop) and then at the Premises and the Franchisee shall be responsible for payment of the Individual's own travel, subsistence and accommodation expenses in attending this training, unless notified otherwise in writing by the Franchisor.

If on completion of the initial period of training the Franchisor reasonably believes that the Individual does not meet the Franchisor's minimum standards then the Franchisor shall have the right upon notice in writing forthwith to require the Individual at the Franchisee's own expense to undertake a further period of training.

The Franchisor shall have the right to require the Key Person or any other member of staff to attend further training courses or to provide extra training at the Premises at any time during the term it reasonably considers such training to be necessary.

All training (save for the training referred to in clause 6.1 which cost shall be included in the Franchise Fee) shall be provided at the Franchisor's standard rates and the Franchisee shall be liable for travelling accommodation and other expenses incurred by its staff in attending such training.

The Franchisee shall establish and maintain a training programme for its staff in accordance with the requirements set out in the Manual.

The Franchisee shall not allow any person to operate as the Key Person unless that individual has graduated from the Franchisor's training course.

The Franchisee shall ensure that all relevant staff are properly trained by a qualified trainer in the requirements for the need to carry out risk assessments in respect of the provision of the Services

Candy Cakes is a café / cake shop that specialises in the retailing of cupcakes, cakes, coffee and shakes.

The Menu
The menu is simple but exciting, with the retail emphasis on the speciality 'candy cakes' that are decorated in vivid colours that attract customers through the door on an eat-in or take-away basis. It comprises of both local and continental items with common themes - healthy (low fat, low cholesterol, natural ingredients) flavoursome and familiar. A wide range of drinks, ice creams, and shakes are also available.

The Shops
In keeping with the novel candy cake colours, the shops are laid out in pink and green colourways for both fittings and decoration. The inquisitive customer enters to purchase a cake from the lavishly piled window, and then enjoys a fresh cup of coffee. They tell their friends who in turn come to us as a social meeting point.

The Website
In the same vibrant colours, the website provides further information on both the shops and the candy cake range. Franchise Owners will also benefit from orders paced for cakes which they will supply locally.

The Brand
The Candy Cakes brand is enjoying considerable success, serving locals, regulars and visitors alike. It is beginning to attract press and media reviews. As we open more shops, we believe we will continue to attract awareness as our brand extends in to new geographical locations throughout the UK.

Operational Countries:

United Kingdom (7),
Business Opportunities in:

United States,
Middle East,

Investor Profile:

We are looking for the right candidates to own the Candy Cakes Franchise. Below are some of the criteria we will assess you by:

As an Individual

  • Commitment to the Candy Cakes concept
  • Understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the food retail business
  • Interactive people skills and good communication skills
  • Bright, happy and enthusiastic manner
  • Total determination and enthusiasm to succeed
  • Quality driven attitude
  • Consistent and have a level headed approach to all things
  • Computer literate
  • Motivated and with the ability to motivate others
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Experience in the food industry (not essential)
  • Prepared to listen to advice and guidance
  • Able to work within a predetermined system

As a Partnership
In addition to those listed above, if more than one person is to own and operate the Candy Cakes Franchise, then the following qualities must be present:

  • Ability to work together
  • Share the same aspirations and goals
  • Respect for each others roles

As a Corporate
If you are an existing business either wishing to diversify or extend your portfolio, you will need to consider the following:

  • Successful operator of other food related concepts
  • Ability to develop a cluster of shops in key geographical locations


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