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The Bagel Bar, Ireland
The Bagel Bar franchise opportunity.
The Bagel Bar

Sophisticated coffee/sandwich alternative:
The concept offers a bagel/coffee/sandwich alternative, where people can enjoy excellent quality food in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Our reputation as an eatery is one that offers a varied menu with excellent standards.

The Bagel Bar was founded by Raymond Cowzer in response to a growing demand by working professionals for a healthier option to the standard sandwich, while incorporating a more international taste to the range of fillings and sauces used in creating our unique signature bagel sandwiches.

The Bagel Bar franchise is a wholly owned Irish company which operates company owned and franchised stores.

The basic concept of The Bagel Bar is to offer a more sophisticated coffee/sandwich alternative, where people can enjoy excellent quality food in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. We pride ourselves on our customer service and have built a reputation as an eatery that offers a varied menu with excellent standards.

Our work in developing the business has been recognized by The Irish Franchise Association, winning "Franchise Person of the YEAR" (Ray Cowzer) in 2004 followed by "Best Emerging Franchise" in 2005.

Why The Bagel Bar ?
Winner of "Best Emerging Franchise 2005" at the Irish Franchise Associations annual awards.

Realistic/Transparent Costs:
The Bagel Bar will provide you with realistic costings for fit out & equipment and only charges you cost plus 10% Project Management fee. Our billing system is 100% transparent.

Training and Store Management:
The Bagel Bars comprehensive on-site training course prepares you in all areas of store management.

The Bagel Bars centralised marketing strategy helps to increase brand and store recognition. Our Marketing expertise will help in engendering brand awareness and loyalty.

Growth Potential:
With the quality of our food offering and our proven training scheme and procedures, you are ideally positioned in a major growth segment of the coffee shop industry.

Franchise Support:
Our support systems will provide you with help and support in the following areas - Customer service, training, promotion, product information, book-keeping, etc.

The Bagel Bar is 100% committed to making your new venture a success.

Our Commitment to you
The Bagel Bar wants you to succeed and share in the rewards that come from being part of The Bagel Bar chain. From the time we receive and accept you as a prospective franchisee / Master licence holder, and throughout our business relationship, we are dedicated and committed to helping you succeed.

Each Master Licence operates as a separate, independent business. You become your own boss but you benefit from our extensive experience and skill in all aspects of the business.

Store Recognition and Sales
You will immediately receive store recognition of being part of a successful chain.

Sharing of Information and Ideas
You will always have the opportunity to suggest and share your ideas as well as sharing information relevant to operational improvements within the Bagel Bar concept

Your Decision...
If you want to own a business with limited risk, affordable investment and major potential for growth, with the most appealing product in the food industry, then The Bagel Bar is the opportunity you have been waiting for.

Detailed Operations Manual
To guide you in all aspects of your business, you will be provided with and follow a detailed, comprehensive operations manual.

Training and Store Management:
The Bagel Bars comprehensive on-site training course prepares you in all areas of store management.

After the initial training programme, you may call on us for support and information. Ongoing help is available from our experienced Bagel Bar team.

Operational Countries:

United Kingdom (1),
Ireland (17),
Business Opportunities in:

United States,
United Kingdom,

Investor Profile:

The ideal investor would be someone in food or retail business currently with strong covenant / net worth and experience of the retail property market.

Someone who has built up relationships with developers in shopping / business districts within their own country and can apply that knowledge / experience to help expand and develop The Bagel Bar brand further.


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